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Welcome to a space to rediscover your self-trust through curiosity and play

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this is the story of a girl who trusted herself

content girl with a pair of hands lovingly wrapped around her head

in a world where she
was told not to

Before she began her journey

hands with seeds

there were seeds planted in her

As she lived,

grew up,

and watered these seeds with what she was taught

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plants budding

they grew up too

but not in the ways she wanted

venus fly trap plants
hand tilting a watering can

she began to water them
her way

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With time,


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and a little extra help

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bloomed flower
they bloomed in new waysthey bloomed in new ways

They bloomed more beautifully

bush of bloomed flowers
than she could ever imaginethan she could ever imagine

so much so

pairs of hands tending to a small garden

that she began to share her flowers with others

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Always remembering

to care for her own and to ask for help when needed

I invite you to WAter your seeds with self-trust, curiosity, and play

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