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creating home within

A space to discover your self-trust
and connect deeply with 12 folks on the journey.

6 months of inner nourishment
next program starts May 2021

sign-ups ARE CLOSED

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creating home within

A virtual space to discover your self-trust and connect deeply with 7 amazing womn.

12 weeks of inner nourishment
starting mid-july 2020

sign-ups open now

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to learn!

before you begin,

let's breathe together

deep breath in

deep breath out

let yourself
take a moment

invite yourself
to be slow

let yourself
be held and seen
as you are

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Know you are welcome as you are. As gender non-conforming, as queer, as trans, and as people of color.

What does creating home mean to you?

Perhaps it’s feeling safe, encouraged, and free to explore.

Wherever you are on your inner journey - this is the place to nourish yourself inside out.

Creating Home Within is not your typical group coaching program. Here, we practice radical self-healing, trust ourselves from our very core, and create our own belonging.

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how will i know if this is for me?

You are ready to...

  • You are ready to live a life filled with curiosity, play, and creativity by making choices that feel good to you
  • You are ready to develop a solid, nurturing relationship with yourself and your inner child
  • You are ready to surround yourself with womn who are committed to doing the same and ready to lift one another up
  • You are ready to transform your self-trust into creativity that impacts the world
  • You are ready to cultivate self-trust through: self-parenting, somatic healing, visualization, and more

You are ready to trust yourself.

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to trust!
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Hop in!
‍We're self-actualizing

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the journey we're taking together
is a slow transformation, rooted in self-trust

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Before change can happen, awareness comes first. Here we cultivate our foundation of awareness and safety within our body, mind, and our inner child. Through movement, mindfulness, and breathwork

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Now you’re ready for change! Learn to reshape your inner conversations, so you can be on the same team as yourself, through self-parenting, journaling, and everyday acts of self-trust.

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Here, you make room for what truly feels you. Let your self-trust be the guide. You get to create the nourishing routine, fulfilling project, and life that reflects the home within you through creativity, play, and visualization.

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so, why commit?

Let’s be real. As we choose to heal and break old habits, it gets hard. Creating Home Within is intended to support you in
creating a foundation of self and collective healing
that continues to bloom beyond our 6 months together.

What's possible when you trust yourself?

listen to the people, not me

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Program Details

Creating Home Within is a 6-month intimate,collective and self-healing experience.

  • Warm welcome packet
    An illustrated guide to self-parenting created by yours truly with fun goodies.
  • Private support group
    Stay connected through private chat and weekly “playwork” aka homework you’ll actually want to do
  • Biweekly 1.5 hr group sessions
    Immersive and engaging, space you’ll look forward to every weekend. Where I will guide you through visualizations and intimate group discussions. Including guest healers and wellness practitioners who share their knowledge in somatics to ancestral healing.
  • Accountability buddies
    Be fully supported. Grow deeply alongside your 11 amazing peers.
  • Three 45 min private coaching sessions
    with Tiffany
    1 kick-off session to get you started
    1 midway session to keep you going
    1 closing session to reflect on how you’ll continue
  • Your very own creative project
    Transform your self-trust into tangible, impactful creativity that lasts beyond our time together.
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$1650 total

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$440 a month

for 6 months

invest in yourself,
you deserve to

Yes, this feels like a big deal.
Because investing in yourself means you get to nourish your inner world, your creativity, your relationships, MOST OF ALL, your life.

Know that you can give yourself that permission.

If you are curious to commit, let's chat.

sign ups are closed
but let's keep in touch below!
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